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Audya Update IconAudya Arranger Keyboard Firmware Update Utility Version 5.0A 
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This package installs the software enabling update of Audya Firmware

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Version: 5.0A
Release Date: 21/12/2011
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audya update.msi

    2,699,264        Audya Update Utility

audya5.0a.txt     4,096     README for Audya Firmware Update Utility

Additional information


Download and Installation instructions
Firmware Upgrade instructions
Summary of changes
Determining which version is installed

Download the Firmware Update Program

  • Remove any existing Audya Update Utility programs from your computer using the Add/Remove Programs icon in your control panel. 

  • Download the audya update.msi file and save it to a location on your Personal Computer (Desktop is recommended).

  • Note: If  your computer needs to download approval against virus infection please feel free to confirm. File is tested for this purpose and safe.

  • Locate and click twice on downloaded file to start the Update installation procedure. Please confirm every procedure step with "NEXT" in order to enable complete procedure. (note - if a previous version of Audya Updater is found you will be prompted to uninstall the older version before continuing.)

  • Once the installation is completed, an Audya Updater Icon will be created on your desktop.

Updating the Audya

IMPORTANT WARNING : During this procedure any attempt to turn off either the instrument or connected computer will cause damage and/or loss of data. Please be careful to avoid any accidental interruption of your USB and Power connection.   

   Connection and transfer

  • Power on Audya

  • Connect Audya's rear USB socket to your computer with the USB cable supplied with your keyboard.

  • Run "Audya Update Utility" from the desktop icon on your computer (double click on the icon)


  • Progress meter will show status, followed by instructions for rebooting the Audya as follows.

   Update and reboot

  • Switch "Off" the Audya's Power using the On/Off switch

  • Disconnect USB cable and "exit" the application on your computer (you can do this later if you wish to keep instructions on the screen).

  • Whilst depressing the "F10" and "Unplugged" touch button on the Audya, turn the Power switch "ON". Continue to hold the two touch button keys for a few seconds, the Audya will power into Boot mode. Wait until the normal play screen appears before using the Audya. You will be prompted to press the "ENTER" tab to conclude the procedure. The final part of the update will take around 4 minutes to complete - do not turn the Audya OFF during this time.


    All keyboard functions will be locked out during update (except VOICE leds which will blink to indicate the running progress.)

    Update procedure doesn’t modify your own files except Start_Up file ( Global, Midi Pedals and Video setting ) which will be overwritten to be suitable with the new implementations.

Summary of changes

Version 5.0A



Please refer to the OS5.0A information sheet


Determining which version is installed

  • Turn On Audya.
  • Version is shown during boot
Applicable countries and regions
Britain: England, Scotland, Wales
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