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MidJay Plus

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Ketron MidJay Plus Ketron MidJay plus with USB

MidJay Plus is the new expanded version of MidJay with a 64 MB Wavetable (twice the size of the standard version) this offers a new and remarkable variety of sounds (among them a stereo grand piano), drum sets and grooves.

Thanks to this new sound generation, MidJay Plus is able to faithfully reproduce both MIDI files and styles in a far more balanced and authentic manner. Increased Wavetable capacity has also given our technicians an opportunity to still further improve the voice section - the pre-selected sounds of the instrument – raising our trademark “Best Natural Sound” to an even higher standard.

The automatic style arrangement section has been considerably revised to include 140 new internal styles derived from the highly acclaimed Ketron SD5/SD3 series. MidJay Plus makes available the best unplugged, pop, swing, folk, Latin and ballroom accompaniments, not forgetting all the very best and latest dance styles which are currently exclusive to Ketron professional arrangers.

The DJ Loop has now been enriched with new “chill out”, “lounge” and “dance” ambience sounds. MidJay Plus is also provided with a standard 80 GB hard disk where enormous quantities of music in WAV, MP3 and MIDI format can be saved and more importantly - played almost immediately.

The new display with a resolution of 320x240 pixel offers vastly improved browsing through the directories while a new contrast controller arranged on the front panel of the instrument enables you to adjust the display when working in less favorable conditions. To get an even wider display, perhaps when using the MidJay for Karaoke events, MidJay Plus can be connected to a standard external VGA monitor.

The new operating system has an optimized version of the standard 4.0 which considerably reduces start-up times and is ideally configured for use with Windows Vista and Mac OS X. 


Panel Alpha dial, 8 controlli di volume, 40 comandi per l’accesso diretto
alle funzioni, controllo contrasto per il display.
Display Grafico LCD 320x240 retro illuminato.
Generazione suono Oltre 380 nuovi suoni, 32 drum sets, 66 drum loops audio (live drums). GM standard.
Disco Hard disk interno 80Gb, Floppy disk 3,5 2DD/HD.
Video Interfaccia video incorporata con uscita RGB monitor.
USB Connessione USB.
Player 2 x Midi file, 2 x Waves, MP3 (MPEG2 Layer 2/3 audio).
Play list, catena song automatica, karaoke e testi (TXT).
Ricerca numerica o alfabetica, visualizzazione di nomi files lunghi,
editing avanzato, drum mixer. Compatibilità con SD1 Plus, SD1,
serie XD9 e X1. Intelligent transposer. 16 markers, esclusione
della voce solista dalla traccia audio (lead mute), loop su wave,
associazione wave al midi file. Equalizzazione bass/treble su MP3.
Disk Funzioni di copia, spostamento, rinomina, cancellazione
e creazione nuovo folder.
HD recording 1 traccia stereo in formato wave, con musica e canto.
DJ Loops & Grooves oltre 100 drum loops acustici ed elettronici, backgrounds (Wave stereo 44 Khz/16 bit), nuovi DjLoop Lounge.
Arranger Oltre 140 styles. Intro, 4 variazioni A, B, C, D, fill, break, end. con funzione Riff e Drum remix.
SFX 200 effetti speciali professionali (Wave).
Libreria su disco International hits, instrumental e evergreen. Orchestre da ballo
italiane (basi audio e midi).
Microfono Controlli di gain, volume e tono. Effetti riverbero e echo-delay.
Solo talk.
Vocalizer Unità vocalizer a 3 voci (optional).
Midi In, Out, Thru. Click metronomo.
Uscite Left/Mono & Right, Micro, RGB (Monitor), footswitch (opzionale).
Ingressi Line In Left & Right, cuffia, microfono.
Alimentazione Alimentatore esterno 5V DC.
Dimensioni / Peso 32x23x11 cm. / 3,200 Kg.
Sound Generation Stereo Grand Piano.384 GM Voices.
128 Special Orchestral Presets. Over 1000 Percussive sounds.
GM Standard. Digital Drawbars.
Drum 1 32 New Drum sets.
Drum 2 150 Live Drums, featuring Acoustic, Jazz, Pop and Dance Loops.
Effects Multi effect DSP. Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast.
MIDI In, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
Outputs Left & Right Outputs . Stereo headphone.
Volume Volume Slider.
Dimensions L x W x H = (12 x 13 x 4 cms.) (4.8 x 5.2x 1.6 inches).
Weight 0.6 Kg. (1.32 lbs)
Power External 12 Volts Power supply.
Options USB to Midi cable.
  Specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice.