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NEW - SD3 now with USB, SD capability and multimedia capability.

NEW! SD3 version II brings this trusted arranger module bang up to date with the latest Streaming Media Technology. Instantly Play MP3 and WAV files direct from USB or Solid State Drive. Microsoft Windows (R) compatible file system means easy management of your Midi Files, Styles, Registrations, etc.

NEW IN STOCK - Audya 4 with OS5.0 and upgraded sample RAM.

Audya 4 is the worlds most advanced arranger module. It utilizes modern streaming technology meaning you have at your disposal Real Audio Loops for styles, Not only are the Drummer and Percussion parts live, but also Guitar parts. These are professional studio recordings using specialist musicians that are completely at your control, many styles have 8 bars of live audio per arranger part (32 bars plus fills, breaks intro's etc.). This is no gimmick and there simply is no comparison between the raw, live sound of the Audya to its competition who still use old fashioned MIDI styles. Couple this with Ketrons Best natural Sounding Instruments and the result is astounding!! Your Audience will notice the amazing true to life sound and presence of Audya immediately.

Coming Soon! MidJay Pro.

This groundbreaking module is certainly one to watch. With full colour touch screen this is the perfect companion for the all round performer/entertainer. With full multimedia support (Midi, Wav, MP3, MP4, Jpg, Pics, Karaoke and DVI) there will be very few gigs you are unprepared for! High quality KETRON sound card, arranger section, Vocalizer, Juke Box, HD recording and advanced USB and SD file management your diary is sure to be full. You can even plug in your guitar and microphone and run these through the pro-effects unit for the complete solution to any solo entertainer. Watch this space!