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Ketron MidJay Pro Ketron SD-40 

Ketron Direct Price (240gb version): £1599
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With a professional multimedia Player, a superb Drum Machine, full Orchestral Voices and Basses, Microphone inputs and Stem player, the LOUNGE is a compact all-in-one instrument for a perfect live performance.

The Lounge is a professional multimedia player that can read and play a wide set of file formats, including Midi, Mp3, Wav, Txt, Pdf, Mp4 and more.The Lounge comes with all the features and functions you need for a great karaoke night, such as Lyrics, Lead Mute, Crossfade, Search and XFade as weel as 2 x Microphone independent inputs with Effects and a 3 voice Vocalizer.

The Lounge features an high quality sound generation engine, packed with the amazing KETRON Sounds and with 62 new Acoustic and Electronic Stereo Drum kits to ensure the best reproduction for the GM Midi songs. The unique Drum Remix feature allows you to remix the Midi file drum track with one of the more natural sounding audio tracks of the huge Live Drums library (all the Live Drums are recorded in studio with top drummers).
Lounge - PercussionThe Lounge incorporates an amazing Drum Machine with up to 269 factory Drum Styles, which offers an unprecedented high level of customization of the rhythm, allowing you to mix together audio Live Drums, 3 Latin percussion Grooves, Loops and Midi Patterns.Custom Drum Styles are available as weel: you can load into the Lounge your own Drum Styles articulated with 4 Variation, Fill, Break and Intro/End.

With the Drum Mixer utility, you can balance accurately all the various sections of the Midi Drums such as Kick, Snare, Hi Hat, Toms, Cymbals etc. by individually adjusting volume, pan and reverb values. An additional stereo equalizer available for the streaming Live Drum tracks.

Thanks to the quality and variety of the patterns, the Lounge Drum machine is a fabulous partner for any Piano or Jazz Organ players as weel as for professional home studio productions.

Lounge STEMStem is a new special feature of the Lounge which allows you to play up to 5 audio tracks simultaneuosly in perfect synchronization. The audio tracks have individual Mute, Volume controls and you can adjust the transpose and the tempo of all the tracks simultaneously without modifiyng the pitch of the drums. This offers you the great flexibility of Midi with the superior quality of Audio: for example you can exclude the Piano or the Bass line in case you want to play them live.

Typical applications for the Stems can be top-notch quality Songs with or without lead line (Minus One) especially useful for entertainers like singers, guitarist or saxofon players, or generical audio Riffs suitable for Jam improvisations. You can load a Stem of you own or you can choose between one of the classical international hits that will be supplied by KETRON.
Lounge - pianoThe Lounge is not only a player; it is in fact a complete stage keyboard with great Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, Organ, Brass, Guitar and Solos Sounds. In Voice Edit mode you can combine up to 4 different timbres to create rich multilayer Sounds.

It also features a very useful Manual Bass section for performers who are used to replace the bassist with the left hand. All you need to do is connect a master keyboard via the MIDI in port or via USB.

Lounge - guitarThe Lounge is particularly suitable also for the solo Guitar entertainer, thanks to the Guitar Input with dedicated Effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Cabinet Speaker simulation etc.).
Lounge-accordionAnother unique solution of the Lounge Voices is achieved in connection with a Midi Accordion. By setting the Classic Mode, the accordionist has at his disposal separate Sounds for Right hand, Left
hand Bass which can be saved on Registrations for a complete concert perforrmance. The jazz accordeonist can take a big advantage also from the internal Drum Styles.

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