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Ketron 1400 PA System

 Concert SatKETRON KETRON 1400 Professional P.A. System is the result of extensive research & development utilizing Ketron’s experience and expertise in the design of electronic musical instruments. In keeping with Ketron’s commitment to producing products with unsurpassed quality, reliability, and leading edge technology, the Ketron P.A System is constructed using the highest quality materials and components available.

Specifically designed for live environments, they deliver exceptional sound quality and power to meet the highest expectations of professional performers.

The KETRON P.A.‘s  light weight, small dimension, bi-amplification speaker system design makes it easy to set up, extremely portable, and flexible. This makes the Ketron P.A System suitable for numerous applications, such as:

  • Musical performances
  • D.J. setup
  • Conference, congress, and lecture hall use
  • General purpose speaker system

The KETRON 1400 is designed to deliver excellent powerful sound quality in any environment.

By adding one or more self-powered subwoofer’s from the SK series you can reinforce the lower frequency range to maintain a high level of acoustic pressure across the entire spectrum, thus making the KETRON  P.A. a superb choice for use in large open spaces or outdoor performances.