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Styles for SD7, SD40 and MidJay Pro (Individual Downloads)

1960s Power Ballad DEMO

60s Power BalladInspired by the Supergroups and Rock Groups of the 1960s and early 70s, this style captures the feel of the epic Power Ballads of the time.


Driving Beat DEMO

Driving BeatDriving Beat is inspired by the all time great floor fillers From Tony Christie, Roy Orbison, The Mavericks and many more, your audience will definitely Dance The Night Away.


 6/8 Slow Ballad DEMO

Slow 12/8 BalladInspired by the great Power ballad performers of the late 70s through to the early 90's, our aim was to provide you with a contemporary 6/8 ballad.


Quickstep Time DEMO

Quickstep TimeStrict Tempo Dancing has seen an international resurgence in the past decade. Quickstep Time is the perfect 192bpm style to see your audience hot to trot.



Strictly Rhumba DEMO

Strictly RhumbaWe listened carefully to Modern Dance Bands to see how best to present a 118bpm Rhumba suitable for a today's audience and dancers - both on  Ice and the Dance floor.



Styles for SD7, SD40 and MidJay Pro (USB install)

 SD Styles / VOL.1 DEMO


  • 8Beat
  • Ballad-R
  • 70's Ballad
  • Ballad 12-8
  • Blues
  • Ballad-R
  • Folk Singer
  • Gentle 16 Beat
  • Lonely Ballad
  • Piano Ballad
  • Pop Ballad
  • 6-8 Smooth Ballad
  • Soft Ballad
  • Sweet 16 Beat
  • Uptown 16


  • Country Ballad
  • Country Beat
  • Dixie Band, Dolly Pop
  • Fox Beat
  • More Country
  • Nashville
  • On The Road
  • PianoMan
  • Waltz
  • Scand Fox
  • Stand By Yours


  • 60's Revival
  • Club Dance 1
  • Club Dance 2
  • Club Dance 3
  • Club USA
  • Disco Beat
  • Disco Funk
  • Disco Highlife
  • Disco Pop
  • Euro Club 1
  • Euro Club 2
  • Full House
  • Noche Mix

For SD7 and SD80:

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For MidJay Pro:

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 SD Styles / VOL.2 DEMO


  • Batucada
  • Beguine
  • Bossa Argentin
  • Bossa Brazil
  • Caliente
  • Cha Cha-R
  • Cumbia-R
  • Gentle Bolero
  • Les Antilles
  • Mambo Hit-R
  • Mambo
  • Merenguito-R
  • Modern Balada
  • Modern Cumbion
  • Normal Samba
  • North Bachata
  • Rapido
  • Reggae Drop
  • Reggae Shine
  • Reggaeton-R
  • Romantica
  • Rumba Flam
  • Salsita
  • Samba Brazilia
  • South Bachata
  • Sunny Bossano
  • Vallenato
  • Vocal Rumba.


  • Boogie Woogie1
  • Boogie Woogie2
  • Can Can
  • Elvis Boogie
  • Flip Beat
  • Flip Fox
  • Macarena
  • Meneito
  • Schlager
  • Shuffle Fox

For SD7 & SD80:

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For MidJay Pro

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 SD Styles / VOL.3 DEMO


  • Brush Polka
  • Celtic, Fado
  • Folk Beat 12-8
  • Foxtrot
  • Francaise
  • Irish Walz
  • Jiving South-R
  • Mazurka-R
  • Moderato
  • Musette-R
  • Ober Polka-R
  • Party Fox
  • Pasodoble
  • Polka-R
  • Quadriglia
  • Saltarello
  • Sirtaky
  • Slow Walz
  • Tango Party 1
  • Tango Party 2
  • Tarantella


  • Brazil Guitar
  • Country Guit 1
  • Country Guit 2
  • Country Guit 3
  • Flamenco Guit
  • Free Style Man
  • Guit Andaluz
  • Guit Ballad 1
  • Guit Ballad 2
  • Guit Bossa
  • March Pop 4-4
  • March Pop 6-8
  • Pop Beat
  • Pop Guitar
  • Ragtime Pop
  • Ringing 6-8
  • Rumba Pop
  • Shuffle Pop
  • Vocal Pad

For SD7 & SD80

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For MidJay Pro

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 SD Styles / VOL.4 DEMO


Cool Funk, Don't Know Why, English Tune, Folk Pop, Funk Pop-R, Fusion, High Tide Pop, Italian Beat, Light Pop, Musical Pop, Pop Mixture, The Streets, Wonderful Pop



Blues-R (SD only), Cool Twist, Funky Boy-R, Hard Rock, Heaven's Door, High Gospel-R, Latin Rock, RnBlues-R, Shuffle Rock, Slow Rock 1, Slow Rock 2, Soul Beat, Soul Train, Standard Rock, Surf, Twisted Rock



Big Band, Dixie-R, Easy Jazz-R, Jazz Man, Jazz Waltz, Live Swing, Medium Fox, Medium Orches, Night Swing, Only Swing-R, Organ Club-R, Organ Rock-R, Samba Jazz, Slow Orches, Slowfox-R, Swing Ballad


For SD7 & SD80

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For MidJay Pro

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 Song Styles for SD7, SD40 and MidJay Pro DEMO

Disco70s and 80 Dance Floor filling Song Styles

After the love has gone, All night long, Born to be alive, Can’t take my eyes off you, Celebration, Con le mani, Cuba, Disco inferno, Don’t stop ‘til you get enough, Every breath you take, Eye in the sky, Freak out, Fresh, Funky town, Get down it, Gimme some,
Good times, Hot stuff, I will survive, Just an illusion, Ladies night, Long train running, Night fever, September, Staying alive, That’s the way- I like it, YMCA, You and I, You are the first the last my everything, You can leave your hat on, Zodiac

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