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Instructions for installing the new styles

Official Ketron UK Style Update #1 here

Official Ketron Song Style Update 2012 here

Windows Installer for OS 5.0

Although OS5.0 is packaged with your Pen Drive, you may wish to use the Windows Installer instead. Three versions are available, Original 76 key Audya, Audya 4 module and Audya 5 keyboard. Please ensure you use the correct installer for your model Audya. If you own an Audya 8 please visit the official Ketron site,

After downloading the installer to your desktop you will be required to uncompress. we suggest right clicking on the downloaded file and select "Extract All". A box will open allowing you to uncompress the file to a location on your computer. Once you have done this simply double click on the Icon created and follow the on screen instructions.

Audya: download here

Audya 4: download here

Audya 5: download here

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the new styles on my Audya?

You can find the new styles by pressing the "USER STYLES" touch tab and selecting the "Unplugged" category of your styles. We did this to avoid causing problems with your current registrations, we recommend moving the styles to a category of your choice, or simply use from the present location.

I installed OS50a on my Audya (76 key) from the USB stick and now my keyboard is in the Italian Language.

Simply press the MENU touch tab, select F1 (Lingua) followed by F1 again (Inglese). Press EXIT, SAVE, then F6 (Custom Startup).

How do I install downloaded styles to my Audya?


  1. Unzip the folder to your computer (for example desktop).
  2. Copy the .pat files located in the newly uncompressed folder to the required style category on your Audya, e.g. USER STYLE/FOLK using one of two methods

1 USB:

  1. copy the .pat files to your USB drive
  2. Insert the USB drive into either of the front USB ports located on your Audya
  3. Select DISK touch button
  4. Select USER 2/7 touch button "D:REMOV"
  5. Using the CURSOR KEYS locate the folder containing your new styles and press the ENTER touch button.
  6. Select USER 5/10 touch button (Disk menu)
  7. Using the Up/Down CURSOR KEYS highlight and select (using the ENTER touch button) one or more of the styles you wish to copy to Audya. (a blue dot will appear next to selected file)
  8. Select F1 COPY touch button
  9. Using the Up/Down CURSOR KEYS highlight C: LOCAL DISK and press the ENTER touch button
  10. Using the Up/Down CURSOR KEYS highlight USER STYLES folder and press the ENTER touch button
  11. Using the Up/Down CURSOR KEYS highlight the desired category folder (e.g. FOLK) and press the ENTER touch button
  12. Select USER 5/10 touch button (EXECUTE)

File(s) will be copied to your selected folder. When progress bar is completed, select the EXIT touch button.

To locate your new styles, select the USER STYLE touch button (LED should be ON) followed by your selected "style category"  touch button (e.g. FOLK) to locate your new styles.

How Do I Install downloaded Styles On My SD7, SD40 or MidJay Pro?

  • Insert the USB drive containing your style(s) into an empty port on your Ketron Instrument.

  • Press the MEDIA touch button

  • Touch the DISK EDIT icon on screen

  • Press the Media touch button once again. The LED should be flashing.

  • Touch The USB icon shown on the Ketron Screen

  • Locate and Touch the .KST file to be transferred, it will now be grey.

  • Repeat the last step to include more than one style (per category).

  • Touch the 'COPY' Icon

  • You will now see a Warning Box prompting to select the destination folder, touch the 'OK' icon

  • Touch the USERFS Icon

  • Using the Data Wheel, locate and Touch the USER_STYLES folder

  • You will now see the list of style categories. Touch the desired category two times.

  • Touch the PASTE icon and CONFIRM

  • Press the MEDIA Touch Button

  • Turn OFF the DISK EDIT function by touching the DISK EDIT icon.

  • The icon will change to '...wait', turn blue and the LED will cease to flash on the MEDIA button.

  • Press the MEDIA Button to EXIT