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Ketron UK Style Update number one - "by request"

B Reuest-smallBy Request - the official Ketron UK Style Update produced in collaboration with Robert Messier. USB Contains patterns and Audio Loops for the new styles. (Requires 2011 Song and Style Update)

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60s Power Ballad DEMO

60s Power BalladFrom the outset, the idea behind the 1960s Power Ballad was to re create the sound and feel of great British Pop and Rock Bands of the 1960s such as Procol Harum, The Small Faces and The Kinks, but Robert gave us a style that can be used for far more!

Attention to detail is the key to this style and involved the creation of very cool Real Audio Loops featuring genuine 1960s drums, studio equipment and microphones with a touch of Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker. The result is simply astounding. Just listen to the gorgeous vintage reverb applied to the Studio Drum Kit.

Driving Beat DEMO

Driving BeatIf you are a professional Ketron user you will know the value of a good 'floor filler' and the satisfaction that comes from seeing you audience enjoying themselves and staying on the dance floor.

Driving Beat is inspired by the all time great floor fillers From Tony Christie, Roy Orbison and The Mavericks and many more, your audience will definitely Dance The Night Away.

New Audio Drum loops recorded at 134bpm to keep the heart pumping and feet tapping with big stomping backing tracks, this style is a must for every serious entertainer!

80s Slow Ballad DEMO

Slow 12/8 BalladInspired by the great Power ballad performers of the late 70s through to the early 90's, our aim was to provide you with an up to date 6/8 ballad to compliment the 50s styles already on the Audya.

Robert is particularly proud of this style and says "I wanted to recreate the sound and feel of playing on a 1980s Arena stage". The 80s Groove compliments the drum loops well and it does not take much to imagine you are backing Dee C. Lee or enjoying the company of Reo Speedwagon, Toto or The Eagles.

Quickstep Time DEMO

Quickstep TimeStrict Tempo Dancing has seen an international resurgence with TV companies assigning Prime Time Hot spots to live dance shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With Stars. Quickstep has been a challenge for our users who have been speeding up their swing rhythms with varying success, but missing that certain groove that really makes your audience hot to trot.

Our new QUICKSTEP TIME style features superbly recorded Audio Drum Loops at the magic 192bpm. The loops are long enough for you to play a complete 32bar quickstep without hearing a single hi hat repeated! Just have a listen to Roberts demo's which were one take recordings directly to the Audya's hard drive - no double tracking was involved.

Strictly Rhumba DEMO

Strictly RhumbaAnother highly requested style has been a Strict Tempo Rhumba. We listened carefully to Modern Dance Bands to see how best to present a Rhumba suitable for a today's audience and dancers - both on  Ice and the Dance floor.

Robert Messier produced these very crisp Latin Percussion Audio Drum Loops at 118bpm with arrangements to keep the blood of even the most seasoned Latin dancer pumping.