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Ketron UK Support and Downloads

We understand the importance and value of excellent support and are keen to assist where possible. However, due to heavy competition from internet sellers we have added a new support level for your convenience. When purchasing a new product from our site you will now have the option to select your support level, by default this is our usual excellent and internationally envied 'Store level' of support.

Store Level Support

Includes full email and telephone support and the ability to call into our central showroom for advice. In addition to our own knowledgeable team, we have a direct line to Ketron Italy and react quickly to any requests for support or information.

Emails are answered as quickly as possible, do not be surprised to receive a reply even if its during a holiday, weekend or evening.

Warranty is directly with us and for three years. As long as you keep your packaging box we arrange for collection and delivery of your product and will repair (or replace at our discretion) at an extremely fast turnover and at no cost to you. if you are a professional musician we will make sure your down time is minimized.

Extended warranty. For 10% of the original purchase price you can add a further two years warranty to your product at any time during the first three years of ownership.

Internet Deal Support

With so many low quality, high turnover internet based businesses out there it is becoming difficult to maintain prices and still offer our great level of support. But...we have decided to BEAT these sellers at their own game. Therefore if you find any genuine online offer below our price we guarantee to beat it for you. However, you will only receive a standard manufacturers warranty. In other words, you wont be able to call or email us for advice on using your product and in the event of a fault you will need to organize shipping back to us yourself...just as though you had purchased from a low cost internet seller.

Grey Imports

We are unable to assist with warranty repairs or support of Grey Import goods (items purchased from outside England, Scotland or Wales). In this case you will need to refer to the original seller. If they are unable to help, please feel free to contact us by email and we will forward your correspondence on to the Manufacturer. Serial numbers are on file to ensure our customers continue to receive the best service possible.

Out of Warranty Support, Service and Parts

We are able to assist with repairs and servicing with Ketron/Solton instruments from X series onward (X series, XD series, SD series, GP series, Audya series, MidJay Series). Parts can be ordered for most models including MS series. Please refer to the SERVICE page.

OS Upgrades, Firmware, Owners Manuals and Utilities

Ketron keep these updated regularly and we recommend downloading these from the main site only from the 'Operating Systems' tab on the left.. For your convenience we have included the Owners Manuals here.