Ketron Keyboards

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Service & Repair

If your Ketron/ Solton Instrument is in need of repair or service you have arrived at the right place. We will undertake maintenance work on all Ketron Instruments from X series onward:

  • X series
  • XD series
  • SD series
  • GP series
  • Audya series
  • MidJay Series
OS Updates.

Although OS updates are always free, if you are concerned about updating your Ketron/Solton we will undertake the Update on your behalf

System Restore

We offer a full System Restore service for instruments with Hard Drives/Solid State Drives. This includes backing up your data, formatting and scanning the storage media for errors and completely restoring with the latest version of factory data. Particularly useful if you have purchased a second hand instrument.


Although many upgrades are packaged with instructions fitting by the owner is not recommended (unless qualified to do so). We will upgrade your instrument for the cost of the upgrade and a small installation fee. If you are converting your instrument to USB/SD we definitely recommend that we carry out the installation.


Parts can be ordered for most models including MS series.