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Audya Audya 5 SD5  (standard) SD5 Version II
Ketrons Flagship arranger with 76 keys 5 octave variation SD5 now comes with USB port as standard New SD5 with Media Player, USB and SD Solid State Drive! SD5 version II brings this trusted keyboard bang up to date with the latest Streaming Media Technology. Instantly Play MP3 and WAV files direct from USB or Solid State Drive. Microsoft Windows (R) compatible file systel means easy management of your Midi Files, Styles, Registrations, etc


Solton Aart SatSolton LogoSOLTON aart sat PA. Since we introduced Ketron's incredible PA system we have been asked for a smaller, pocket friendly alternative. This has not been easy, as unlike most keyboard instruments, the Audya's live elements require a full range PA system with good mid range (something lacking in most modern PA systems) We finally have two recommended system. The Solton Concert featuring Bang and Olufsen amplification and Solton Professional with smaller sub easier transportation.

With a retail price of £1199 for the Concert and £1149 for the Professional we will be offering these systems to our Ketron owners at a greatly reduced concession price of only £799 and £749 respectively. This includes the Active Sub  powering two passive tops via Speakon Cables. These systems are very close to Studio Reference Quality and you will not be disappointed. Full specifications here.